Get advice based on what’s best for you

Registered investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients, unlike a lot of  financial advisors.  Investment advisors are registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission or their state securities regulator.

Understand exactly what you are paying for

McLaughlin Asset Management is a fee-only advisor firm, which means no hefty commissions.  There are two advantages to this: One:  The fee structure is simple to understand.  Two:  Since this fee structure does not give McLaughlin Asset Management an incentive to recommend one product over another, you can feel confident that your advisor is making recommendations based on what’s best for your situation and your portfolio.

Get advice for complex needs

With over fifty years of combined investment management and financial services experience, McLaughlin Asset Management has the ability to address complex investment needs involving estates and trusts, charitable situations and inter-generational issues.

Enjoy a one-on-one relationship

Working with McLaughlin Asset Management, you will enjoy a personalized service with entrepreneurs that share a strong sense of personal accountability to its clients.

Know that your money is with a secure financial institution

McLaughlin Asset Management does not take custody of clients’ assets.  All clients’ assets are held and safeguarded at a large third party institution (custodian).  These custodians also provide important infrastructure services such as executing trades, and preparing monthly brokerage statements.  This helps McLaughlin Asset Management focus on understanding your needs and providing the best possible advice.

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