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Family is important to us, which is why we operate with a high degree of personal accountability. At McLaughlin Asset Management, a Registered Investment Advisor Firm (RIA), you will enjoy personalized service from experienced professionals working to provide tailored solutions for your financial needs.

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Close Relationships

We are a close-knit fiduciary firm; we maintain a low client-to-advisor ratio and we put your interests first. You will not feel as if you are a small fish in a big pond.


Clear Goals and Objectives

We use our one-on-one, personal relationship to establish your financial goals and objectives.

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Custom Financial Plans

Once realistic goals are identified, we develop a detailed Investment Policy Statement and Investment Program to help achieve financial success.

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Tailored Program and Investment Management Approach

Our goal is to improve household net worth and provide better overall financial outcomes by employing a disciplined, cost-effective, and efficient investment approach. 

  • Total Wealth Approach: establishing a financial plan and investment program to optimize the entire balance sheet. Tailor the investments to assets, goals and objectives, income tax plans, and estate plans to account for after-tax performance and help to improve inter-generational outcomes
  • Spending Power: helping retirees maximize spending power to meet spending needs throughout retirement

We employ a top-down and bottom-up approach to limit risk and maximize growth within a portfolio. Our firm emphasizes cost-effective and efficient processes, while utilizing thematic, qualitative, and quantitative institutional research from various sources to seek ideas best suited for our clients. And because we are a fiduciary, we are held to a higher standard and must act in your best interest. 

Research and Expertise

We have relationships with a network of organizations that provide expertise in a variety of areas, such as investment research, accounting, estate planning, charitable giving and insurance.

We’re a Fiduciary & Fee-Only Advisor Firm 

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) have a fiduciary duty to each client. We’re an RIA – not a broker. We are legally bound to buy and sell securities for the client’s benefit, not to generate commissions. Due to our independence, we have no obligation or incentive to recommend one security or family of funds over another. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our Relationships

We have developed very close relationships with our clients over the years. We are fortunate to maintain a low client-to-advisor ratio. When we started our firm, we understood that our long-term success would be contingent on maintaining a manageable client base. This model ensures our fiduciary duty is fulfilled and that we can customize each clients’ portfolio. No one client is the same; therefore, we do not employ a cookie-cutter approach that many firms have embraced. We prefer to grow with our clients.

Why might we be the right choice?


MAM portfolio managers have over 50 years of combined investment management and financial services experience, with concentration in portfolio management and trust administration. MAM has developed a disciplined and consistent investment approach, which has been tested over numerous market cycles.

We understand our clients

Our objective is to understand each client’s investment goals, and work to design investment strategies in order to achieve their desired financial outcome. Each portfolio is unique because it is customized to meet the goals of the individual, family, or organization it benefits.

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