McLaughlin Asset Management

McLaughlin Asset Management, Inc. (MAM) is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm. Our firm provides tailored financial strategies and a disciplined investment approach to help our clients succeed over the long-term. We are a family-oriented firm and care deeply about our clients, which is why we operate with a high degree of personal accountability and put our clients needs first. 

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Close Relationships

MAM has a fiduciary duty to each client, and our firm maintains a low client-to-advisor ratio. 


Clear Goals and Objectives

We work closely with you to help identify a secure path for retirement.

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Custom Financial Plans

MAM develops, manages and monitors a detailed investment program to help achieve long-term goals and financial success.

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Tailored and Disciplined Investing

Our goal is to improve household net worth and provide a better overall financial outcome by employing a disciplined, cost-effective, and efficient investment approach. 

Don McLaughlin’s experience, which includes over 40 years of investment management services, has led us to understand that successful investing requires discipline and patience. This understanding is the foundation to our approach of using top-down and bottom-up analysis, which is a continuous process designed to limit risk without compromising growth.

Research and Expertise

MAM has relationships with a network of organizations that provide expertise in a variety of areas, such as investment research, accounting, estate planning, charitable giving and insurance.

We’re a Fiduciary & Fee-Only Advisor Firm 

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) have a fiduciary duty to each client. We are legally bound to buy and sell securities for the benefit of the client, not to generate commissions. Due to our independence, we have no obligation or incentive to recommend one security or family of funds over another. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our Relationships

Our advisors have developed very close relationships with our clients over the years, and we are fortunate to maintain a low client-to-advisor ratio. When we started our firm, our goal was to provide a truly client-centric investment service. This model ensures our fiduciary duty is fulfilled and each clients’ portfolio is tailored to meet specific goals and objectives. No one client is the same; therefore, we do not employ a cookie-cutter approach that many firms have had to embrace. We prefer to grow with our clients.

Why might we be the right choice?


MAM advisors have extensive experience in providing investment management and trust services to high-net worth individuals. MAM has developed a disciplined and consistent investment approach, which has been tested over numerous market cycles.

We understand our clients

Our objective is to understand each client’s investment goals, and work to design investment strategies in order to achieve their desired financial outcome. Each portfolio is unique because it is customized to meet the goals of the individual, family, or organization it benefits.

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